Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Soccer Camp!

I found out about a soccer camp last Wednesday.  I told Kaleb about it and he agreed it was a great idea for Tristan!  It's just an hour of working on skills, no games, but will get him around other kids and outside.  So, I went online and signed him up.
We unfortunately missed the first one... and showed up for camp yesterday.  Of course, it being Labor Day, there was no camp.  Tristan was pretty disappointed.
We did manage to salvage the morning.  Some guys were flying planes in the nearby field, so we went and watched for a while.  We then kicked our soccer ball around with him.

We discussed it being moved to Tuesday instead... but by this morning, I had forgotten.  Kaleb messaged me at 10:15am and asked me if I had called about camp.  No, no I did not!  I jumped online and found the number and called.  The lady I had talked to had just returned from vacation and didn't know the info.  She put me on hold and tracked it down.  Apparently, an email had been sent to everyone who had signed up, stating that camp was rescheduled.  Well, because we had signed up late, we did not receive this email :( 
I got off the phone and rushed like a mad woman to get him dressed and out the door!!  I'm not totally sure how I managed it, but I made it to the park by 10:30 exactly!  Tristan had about 20 minutes of the camp... he did like it though!

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