Friday, September 26, 2014

First Day of Friday School!!

Since we made the decision to homeschool Tristan, Friday School is the closest thing to "going to school" he's going to have... at least for a while (we have talked about him going to an actual school for high school).  Anyway... Friday School started today!!

We ran a little late, of course, but we didn't miss any class time.
Since it's a co-op... it's parent ran.  So, everyone has to work somewhere.  I got placed in the Coffee Corner.  It's a really sweet gig!  I get to talk to moms and deliver coffee to them in Coffee Corner, and to teachers who have pre-ordered for different teaching blocks.
And a friend of mine works Coffee Corner too!  She actually runs the espresso machine.  I don't know how... mostly because I don't like coffee... but I might eventually learn.

I got a good report from Tristan's teacher. He did really well... and they made these cute lions! :)
Apparently, Tristan wanted to get it just perfect - according to his teacher.  Tristan was pretty bummed when we got home, though.  He said that there is a triangle missing from the end of the lion's tail :(  Sorry, bud.

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