Monday, September 15, 2014

New Puzzle

I woke up this morning to a new puzzle on the board for Tristan.  He said that it was there when he got up... He apparently slept in this morning (sleeping in to T is past 7am), so he didn't see Kaleb leave for work.
I'm glad he put a puzzle out before he left.  I was going to do it last night... but didn't want to upset Tristan by taking the puzzle he just finished apart.  I was going to wait and have him help me, so he would be involved in putting it away... but this is okay too.
He had the whole edge done by the time I got up, got ready for the day and came out to the living room! :)  We are guessing no more than an hour... but aren't sure how much of that time he actually spent working on it, verses playing with his DS or Nook.  In any case, he did a great job!

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