Sunday, September 21, 2014

First week of "Chore" Chart

First week using the "Chore Chart".  Tristan was having a rough week in the evenings (what I call Gremlin time) all week. 

The items on the chart are:
-Breakfast items away - 1 star
-Putting toys away after quiet time - 1 star
-School work - 1 star
-Read a book - 1 star
-Follow Rules AM (before lunch) - 3 stars
-Follow Rules PM (after lunch) - 3 stars
-Special Times (Church, Soccer, School, Gleaner's, Store, Cross Creek) - 1 star

We have a silver doubloon system already in place.  If he earns 12 silver doubloons, he can trade them in for something special like going out to dinner, going out to lunch, going out for ice cream, getting a new puzzle, a new DS game, etc.
The reward system for the chart goes like this... 6 stars= 1 silver doubloon, 6 stars= 2 silver doubloons, 12 stars=3 silver doubloons.  He only has the chance to get 11 stars right now... but if he does something exceptional or voluntarily he can earn a bonus star.
So, this past week, he only earned 2 doubloons - one for Monday and one for Tuesday.  This added to the ones he already had, so now he had enough to trade in.  And a new week starts...

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